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    led buletooth bulb

    2018-12-25 07:55:48 glite Read

     Application instructions

      Are you listening to the music by your mobile phones? are you turning on or off the light by yourself?are you still using the light that couldn't dimmable?

       The automatic LED Bluetooth music bulb will make yourself comfortable and love your family ,and it can make is it led bulb? or mini-stereo? or it could be dimmable ?  yes ,all it is 

      Although it's small ,and can be hold everything ,the functions are followings

      1.when the led light used for lighting ,it can be mounted on the ceiling,as a wall lamp with adjustable brightness ,and also could be adjusted to the lowest ,as the night-light when you are sleeping ,besides ,it can be used by remote controll ,this is very usefull and convenient for the older people when they go to the bathroom at night

     2.when it used as stereo,just connect the 220V power supply and bluetooth,then you will enjoy the wonderful music to matter where at dinning room ,kitchen ,bathroom or office

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